Occupational Health

Research shows that approximately 35% of the United Kingdom’s working population suffer from pain of spinal origin at work.

Research shows that approximately 35% of the United Kingdom’s working population suffer from pain of spinal origin at work. A further 17% complain of aches in their arms and legs, some of which also originate in the spine. These work-related musculo-skeletal problems cost employers in the United Kingdom up to 6 billion pounds per year in lost production. The most common causes of absence from work are back or neck pain, and stress-related illnesses. Both of these are managed most effectively by early intervention in the workplace.

A healthy workforce is generally recognised to be more efficient and productive:
every £1 invested by a company in workplace healthcare produces a return of £6 in increased productivity and in decreased time lost to ill-health absences.

What we can provide

Flex Physical Health specialises in working with businesses in the South-West to put in place packages of care and intervention best suited to each individual case. Our services include:

  • On-site treatment and rehabilitation
  • On-site massage
  • Ergonomic assessments of work places, work stations, vehicles and manual handling tasks
  • Pre-employment and annual health screening
  • Management of employees on long-term sick leave and development of ‘return to work’ programmes
  • Corporate fitness programmes
  • Delivery of education packages specific to your business sector

Since the early 1990’s, with the introduction of the practical and sensible EU Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1992), every employer is obliged to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Surprisingly, despite good compliance by the majority of businesses, many people continue to report significant levels of discomfort whilst at work: Why?

Whilst at work we engage in tasks which place strains on our bodies which may eventually produce pain. Pain of spinal origin is prevalent in the adult population, and may relate to display screen work; manual handling and lifting; driving; repetitive physical tasks, or poor working postures. The check-list assessment required by Health and Safety Law is often not enough to make people really comfortable at work: a chartered physiotherapist is a medical clinician trained to recognise and treat the causes of pain and to individually adapt working areas to suit individual needs.

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