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This content to offer an overview of the treatment services available. Everyones’ pain is different: for some it comes and goes and has little impact on their lives; for others it is a constant presence impacting on everything they do; and for some it comes as an acute and devastating episode, temporarily causing intense pain and disability.

Just as the pain varies in its nature it can also vary in its origin and where it is felt. Pain of spinal origin may be felt anywhere in the body, and can easily be mistaken for a muscle or joint injury in the arms and legs. It may start after a specific event such as a car accident or an episode of heavy lifting, but more often than not it appears gradually over time and for no apparent reason. Pain is just as likely to be due to sedentary activities such as working at a computer as to something active.

The most important thing is firstly to know where the pain is coming from: it could be a disc, a joint, or a muscle, and secondly to know what you can do to change the pain.

An experienced chartered physiotherapist can diagnose and treat the causes of spinal pain using a variety of techniques. Evidence tells us that a combination of manual mobilisation or manipulation, and strengthening and mobilising exercises, in addition to advice on appropriate alterations to posture and lifestyle can get rid of pain, restore normal levels of fitness and activity, and prevent recurrence. Manipulation alone may provide temporary relief, but does not provide a lasting solution.

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