What we do

Being a physio is easy; getting someone truly better is trickier.

The difference between the two is experience and clinical reasoning. We have years of experience of many sports at all levels of performance, and a huge variety of workplaces with their associated demands. Our clinical reasoning is second to none and we totally understand your motivation for doing what you do.

  • The treatment process is a partnership between the therapist, you (the patient), and your coach or employer. We consider you to be the most important member of the team and we’ll treat you as such.
  • The most important thing is firstly to know where the pain is coming from: it could be a disc, a joint, or a muscle, and secondly to know what you can do to change the pain.
  • An experienced chartered physiotherapist can diagnose and treat the causes of spinal pain using a variety of techniques.
  • Evidence tells us that a combination of manual mobilisation or manipulation, and strengthening and mobilising exercises, in addition to advice on appropriate alterations to posture and lifestyle can get rid of pain, restore normal levels of fitness and activity, and prevent recurrence. Manipulation alone may provide temporary relief, but does not provide a lasting solution.
  • We’ll give you all the knowledge and support you require, to properly manage your condition so you don’t have to keep returning for more treatment. We know that self-treatment beats time in the clinic, and prevention is better than cure.
  • We will get to the root cause of your condition: diagnosis is key to effective injury management. Accurate diagnosis also allows us to accurately plan management and predict the time needed to return to action.
  • If you are not showing signs of improvement then we won’t keep on treating you, and we’ll tell you why. However we will refer you on for further investigation to one of the local specialists with whom we regularly work.
  • We are not the type of physiotherapists who rely on a range of electrical gadgetry to hide behind: our treatment is robust and hands-on, and is based upon the best available evidence. You will be given exercises to do when necessary and these too are based on sound research.

Appointments are available in Exeter at the Exeter Arena Sports Centre by calling 07740 151964, or in Harley Street, London by calling 0207 616 7721.