Display Screen Equipment Assessments

Poor workstation ergonomics can cause a multitude of musculoskeletal problems. A DSE ergonomic assessment consists of an individual workstation assessment and postural advice.

The purpose of a DSE assessment is to identify and eradicate risk factors, reduce the risk of current or future health problems, and improve work performance. Risk factors may be related to working posture, the design or set up of the work area, equipment design, or simply the way in which the worker carries out a task.

Employers are legally obliged to carry out workstation assessments (Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992) and correct office ergonomics is proven to have a positive effect on the health of the workforce. Although most companies comply with the letter of the law, carrying out checklist assessments of furniture and equipment, a chartered physiotherapist has the anatomical and medical knowledge to help individuals make their workstations comfortable and efficient places in which to work.

Assessment and Report

A chartered physiotherapist will spend 30-60 minutes with each employee and, following the assessment, a written report will be produced. This report will highlight any problems identified by the assessor. The report will also provide recommendations regarding adaptations to equipment, work-station lay-out, training, and task design. Where equipment or aids are recommended a list of suppliers will also be provided.

Individual assessments

DSE assessments cost from £150 per assessment. This includes:

  • A 1 hour one-to-one session with the individual to assess, and improve their current workstation environment
  • A written report which states what problems were found, what action was taken, and what further preventative measures might be considered
  • We aim to get the report to you in ten working days. After this, you are welcome to call the assessor directly with any queries

Small group assessments are also possible, with up to six people for £450 for a four hour session. This would include group training, some one-to-one time, and a written report, which would detail each individual on the course.

For groups of three of more assessments organised at the same time and location we are also offering a 10% discount, £135 per assessment.

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