Occupational Physiotherapy

Costs to organisations include sick pay, temporary cover, recruitment, potential legal fees and compensation; not to mention the hidden costs of low productivity, increased errors, reduced morale, high turnover and increased insurance premiums.

Reducing the cost of work related ill health

Our experienced team of professional physiotherapists and ergonomists can help companies reduce the cost of musculoskeletal work related health problems through:

  • On-site physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • Fitness for work assessment
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Advice on return to work
  • Medico-legal reporting including reasonable adjustments

On-site physiotherapy services provide the following benefits:

Rapid access to treatment which reduces sickness absence and speeds up return to work

Access to treatment on-site reduces the time employees must take away from their jobs

Mitigation of potential legal claims by encouraging early reporting of problems, and early intervention to address causation.

The on-site physiotherapist understands the employee’s work therefore:

  • rehabilitation and fitness programmes are geared specifically to the job
  • advice and information is available to all employees and managers
  • can undertake individual workplace ergonomics assessment

Working with managers, HR and occupational health on-site physiotherapy:

  • keeps employees in work
  • prevents sickness absence
  • maintains productivity
  • improves employee morale and engagement reducing staff turnover costs

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